Apple iPhone XR outsells every other smartphone in 2019

For as compelling as Apple’s flagship iPhone models are, consumers still seem to be flocking towards the company’s more budget-oriented devices. According to a new report from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone XR isn’t just the top-selling iPhone, but also generally the best selling device in every single quarter throughout 2019.

The report published by 9to5Mac says that with the exception of its launch quarter of September 2018, the iPhone XR has been the best-selling model worldwide in every single quarter since Q4 2018. This, of course, includes Q3 2019 too, which means even the availability of the new models hasn’t affected the popularity of the iPhone XR.

Samsung had three models in the top 10, all from the A series. The new devices came with competitive specs and design features, affordable price tags and Samsung’s strong brand perception, especially in the mid-range segment, which provided an excellent value proposition. However, there were no flagships from Samsung in the top 10 list.

OPPO also had three devices as its A series continued to do well in China and other regions. We’ve got the OPPO A9, A5s, and A5 became the top models from the companys’s portfolio. Xiaomi only had Redmi 7A in the top 10. This was driven by India, which contributed to over half of the total sales of the model during the quarter,” the report adds.

The final outlier of the list is the Huawei P30. Overall, it seems like consumers are more attracted to reasonably priced phones with respectable specifications, and for that very reason, Samsung is said to be readying the stripped-down variants of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, so that they can compete with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11.


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