Apple Is Forced To Reveal Its Monthly iOS App Store Active Users!

The European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA) makes tech companies to comply with its rules. Likewise, is being forced to disclose the number of active monthly users of its App Store in Europe. The company will also have to declare all data from different versions of the App Store. Apple published a disclosure on its legal resources site stating that the company has 101 million active iOS App Store users in Europe.

The iPadOS App Store has 23 million users. In contrast, the macOS App Store has six million users, and the tvOS App Store has one million users. There are also numbers for the WatchOS App Store, Podcasts paid subscriptions, and Apple Books on the website. All of these apps have less than one million users across Europe.

EU's DSA Rules Forced Apple To Reveal Apple Monthly Active Users In Europe…

The DSA legislation focuses only on tech platforms with more than 45 million users. In short, very large online platforms (VLOPs) will have to make key data available to researchers. This will help them to understand online risks and how these risks grow. The EU has also published a list of 19 platforms that will have to comply with EU regulations.

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The tech platforms include Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, Twitter, and Apple's App Store. In addition, all companies on the list will be required to report and analyze risks related to AI and algorithms. As Apple comes under the VLOP umbrella, the EU has forced Apple to provide data on its platforms.

In early February, Apple claimed that its iOS App Store was the only platform that fell under this category. The company did not disclose the actual number of monthly active users at the time. Also, the company has been very vocal about its compliance with EU DSA rules. The company said in a statement,

“Apple intends, on a completely voluntary basis, to bring each of its existing versions of the App Store (including those that do not currently meet the VLOP designation threshold) into compliance with the DSA's existing requirements for VLOPs, because the DSA's goals are consistent with Apple's goals of protecting consumers from illegal content.”

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