Apple leads TWS market, as global TWS sales surge by 44% YoY in Q1 2021: Report

The global true wireless earphones market has maintained its growth trend in the first quarter of this year, with Apple in the lead. This news arrives despite the coronavirus pandemic caused the market to see a decline last year.

According to a Counterpoint Research report, the TWS hearables segment saw a sales growth of a sizeable 44 percent year on year in the first quarter of this year. In the market, China recorded the highest growth while the North American market still held the highest share. also retained its dominating lead in the market but saw a decline in its market share due to the rise in competition in the market paired with the lack of any new models being launched by the company.

Similarly, Xiaomi arrived second in the market and also saw a slight decline as well, when compared to the previous quarter. On the other hand, Samsung managed to grow its presence in the market and even managed to narrow the gap with in the second spot. Notably, the 100 US Dollar segment in the TWS market saw a drop last year due to the pandemic. But now, the segment has been recovering as the economic impacts of last year subsides.


The Cupertino based giant dominated the over 100 US Dollars segment, with a notable market share of 57 percent. Although, the overall market share of the top 10 brands in the TWS market fell due to the intensifying competition, as more brands have launched their own offerings. Senior Analyst Liz Lee added that “Now is the time for companies to prepare for the change in consumer demand trends as vaccinations are expected to help consumer sentiment improve further in the second half of the year.”




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