Apple MacBook Pro & iPad Pro to sport new OLED panels that offer higher brightness: Report

is apparently planning on shipping its newer models of iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with a new OLED panel. This new screen technology would enable the tablet and laptops to offer even higher brightness than existing models.

According to TheElec, the upcoming iPad Pro and MacBook Pros from the Cupertino based giant will sport a new double stack OLED panel that features two layers of light emitting diodes that could offer double the brightness over previous generation. Unfortunately, this new display technology will not be arriving anytime soon since the manufacturing process for the panels are still not fully developed and the screen is too expensive at the moment.

Additionally, sources close to the matter have revealed that first units with the new display will not arrive till at least 2023 or even 2024. The sources further added that the price of the panels would allow the iPhone maker to used those only on the larger 11 inch and 12.09 inch iPad Pro models and even MacBook Pro notebooks as well. These displays are also expected to feature LTPO tech for the TFT and could even offer control over the refresh rate. Meaning, variable refresh rate on the panel that can be anywhere between 10Hz and 120Hz.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

Apart from the new OLED screens, is also look to delve even deeper into micro LED displays for its future products. Currently, it is reported that the company is already investing in the research and development of the newer display technology and aims to replace the OLED panels for various benefits that it would offer.




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