Apple Takes Running to the Next Level: Running Track Mode Expands Across Europe

Users can now use an Watch to run on a track at last! Apple has enabled the previously released “running track mode” for more nations, including France, Spain, and the Netherlands. When you enter a track, Apple's running track mode immediately recognises the lanes and track. It then clamps the GPS track and distances it to the track itself. Running in track mode typically produces GPS maps that are flawless, even down to the precise lane you ran in (regardless of the watchmaker). In addition, it typically provides a more constant running pace on the track (because track curves can be hard for GPS), and frequently provides extremely accurate lengths right down to the actual line itself.

Running Track Mode

Apple used Apple Maps data instead of a learning algorithm, which is how all other watch brands identify a running trail. This indicates that it is only accessible in the nations and territories that Apple specifically permits. As a result, this most recent round's additions now include France, Spain, and the Netherlands.

List of countries that supports this mode

Below is a list of different nations and the month they joined the Apple running track mode

  • Australia (Feb 2023)
  • Germany (Feb 2023)
  • Canada (Feb 2023)
  • France (April 2023)
  • Italy (Feb 2023)
  • Netherlands (April 2023)
  • Spain (April 2023)
  • UK (Feb 2023)
  • United States (Launch – Dec 2022)

The benefit of Apple's method is that it begins to function as soon as you step onto the track (literally, as soon as you step onto the track surface it notices). This is in contrast to other firms that require you to do about two circuits before it “snaps” to that track. On the other hand, the drawback of Apple's strategy is that it is severely constrained to just a small number of nations that Apple has activated when you consider the entire world. As many have discovered, when users try to run at four separate tracks, even in those nations where it is enabled, it might not find all of them.

One can argue that combining the two is actually the best course of action: For countries with access to maps, but a learning algorithm for all other nations. In fact, using that algorithm-based info, one could even create a database of tracks (particularly with companies like Garmin, which uploads all of its data to the Garmin Connect platform).

Running Track Mode

Gizchina News of the week

Anyhow, DC Rainmaker tried it out during the past couple of days. Nothing has changed from the time it was launched, albeit the most recent beta versions have a few more minor adjustments. It will ask you to select a lane as previously, and it even knows how many lanes you have per track.

Apple Running Track Mode

Apple's Running Track Mode is a new feature that was introduced in watchOS 8, designed to provide runners with an enhanced running experience. The feature uses the built-in GPS on the Apple Watch to track the user's running path and provides real-time data on their progress. This essay will discuss the benefits of Apple's Running Track Mode and how it can help runners achieve their fitness goals.

Benefits of Apple Running Track Mode

1. Accurate data

One of the primary benefits of Running Track Mode is that it provides runners with accurate data on their running performance. This feature tracks the distance covered, pace, and time taken, allowing the runner to monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments. The data collected can also be viewed after the run to gain insights into areas where the runner needs to improve. The Apple Watch also provides audio feedback during the run. It alerts the runner when they have completed a certain distance or achieved a particular milestone. This feedback helps to keep the runner motivated and focused on their goals.

2. Set goals and monitor progress

Another benefit of Running Track Mode is that it allows runners to set goals. They can also monitor their progress towards achieving them. The Apple Watch provides the option to set a target distance, pace, or time for the run. Once the target is set, the watch will track the progress and provide feedback. The feedback is on how close the runner is to achieving their goal. This feature is particularly useful for runners who are training for a specific event or trying to improve their performance.

Running Track Mode

3. Running path

Running Track Mode also provides runners with a map of their running path. This can be helpful for those who like to explore new routes. The map shows the runner's current location and the route they have taken. This makes it easier to navigate and avoid getting lost. The map can also be used to track progress and plan future runs. Runners can see which routes they have taken and where they need to go next.

4. Stay safe while running

Finally, Running Track Mode can help runners stay safe while running. The feature includes an SOS function that can be activated by pressing/holding the side button on the Apple Watch. This function sends an alert to emergency services and shares the runner's location with them. This feature can be especially useful for runners who run alone or in areas where there is limited phone coverage.


Apple's Running Track Mode is an excellent feature that can help runners achieve their fitness goals. It provides accurate data on running performance and allows runners to set goals and monitor progress. It also provides a map of the running path and helps runners stay safe while running. With this feature, runners can enhance their running experience and take their fitness to the next level.

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