Apple Vision Pro Introduction Is Now the Most Watched Video on YouTube

There's no denying that Vision Pro was the star of the WWDC 2023 event. Its introduction has got the entire tech industry talking about how Apple has redefined the mixed reality space. And that's not just noticeable in social media platforms. Its prominence is evident even on YouTube.

“Introducing Apple Vision Pro. The era of spatial computing is here.” That's the statement Apple used to introduce its mixed-reality headset on YouTube. And the video became so trending that it has now become the most-watched video on YouTube. Yes, it has garnered over 50 million views in just 11 days!

What's the Apple Vision Pro Introduction Video All About

Apple did a great job of introducing its brand-new Vision Pro on YouTube. If you haven't had the chance to watch it, the video basically explains what the mixed-reality headset is all about.

As Apple explains, the headset will put you in the real world, not in a virtual environment. The video also goes in-depth by giving you a glimpse of the visionOS and how it handles floating 2D apps. It even gives you information on how the new input paradigm works.

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Apple Vision Pro For Productivity

Apple finished the introduction video by touting the hardware of the Vision Pro. It mentions the aluminum and glass design that the headset comes with. Also, it gives proper emphasis on the high-density micro-OLED displays.

Apple Vision Pro

One thing that you should note is that Apple often unlists its old videos. So, if you have not watched the video yet, you should check it out. It will give you a proper idea of all the advancements Apple made in spatial computing with its Vision Pro.

And in case you missed it, Apple is also working on an affordable model. That means you might soon be able to enjoy all that Apple has to offer with its redefined mixed-reality experience.

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