Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra have microphone issues – Apple is aware

While the situation of iOS 16 users suffering from a buggy is quite problematic, acknowledges issues with its recent watches. The Cupertino company admits that some Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra users may experience microphone issues. That includes scenarios where you’re using Siri, making calls, and more.

According to some users, the Watch Series 8 or Ultra microphone is unresponsive for a period of time. It causes applications that depend on the microphone to report errors and stop working completely.

Watch Series 8 and Ultra suffer from unresponsive microphone

In a new memo from MacRumors, states that it was aware of the bug affecting users. The company has specifically pointed out that users will face problems with Siri being unable to hear users’ voices. Moreover, the assistant is unable to record voice memos and is also unable to make calls. Even the Noise App will show a “Measurement Suspended” notification.

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states that restarting the Apple Watch will temporarily fix the problem. That means that the issue is not related to the hardware. Those are good news, after all, anything hardware-related could even need a recall, and that is always problematic. According to the company, users should keep their devices in the latest watchOS version. It will soon roll out an update patch to address the microphone issues.

To those unaware, the upcoming update watchOS 9.1 developer preview version Beta 3. It’s unclear whether this version already solves the microphone issue with the Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. However, users will need to wait for a stable update. It may arrive as watchOS 9.1 in the next month.

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In addition to the microphone issues, the iPhoneSoft also reports a “jelly roll” issue with the Watch Ultra. To understand: “jelly scrolling” effect when one half of the display refreshes significantly slower than the other half. It creates a jittery effect once the content moves quickly. Users will notice this behavior when they’re rapidly scrolling through a list or rapidly scrolling down a web page in Safari.

All these features may get a fix in the future watchOS 9.1 update. It will reach the Watch models in the next month. However, users will still “suffer” for a few more days.

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