Apple Weather stops working for the third time in a row

Seriously, there is something going on with 's team responsible for the Apple Weather app. Leaving my tinfoil hat aside, it's weird to think that the app is experiencing its third outage in less than a month. The app suffered two different drops in April, and now, it's down again for some users. Right now, the issue seems to affect a few iOS / iPadOS users. However, that can change soon if more reports keep popping out.

Apple Weather is down for the third time in a row

The reports are coming from Twitter that confirm Apple Weather is not been working properly since this morning. Worth noting, that Apple did not acknowledge any issue on its System Status page. The folks at 9to5Mac confirm the issue as the Apple Weather widget is currently showing “No Weather Data”. The weather info seems to be broken, but the report states that it returns back to normal if you change the city. Also, some users say that if you leave the app's screen open for a little more time after it fails to load info, it will start to work.

Apple Weather

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For some users, the Apple Weather seems not to be totally broken. They are experiencing some slowdowns when using the app, and for others, it seems not to be showing accurate data.

Apple Weather

To recall, in April the Weather app had a similar behavior. The app was slow to load the weather data and was not working properly for several users regardless of their location. After multiple reports, Apple fixed the issue, but it happened one more time that month. Now, the app is giving users a headache for the third time in less than a month. We believe that this will give some strength to the competition in the weather segment. There are countless alternatives on App Store, and the continuous issues with the default app may give these apps a chance to conquer users.

We'll keep following the case to see if Apple will confirm the issue and work on a fix.

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