Apple will include some long-desired features in iOS 17

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, has shared some exciting news about 's iOS 17 update. It seems that Apple has changed its approach to the development process. Resulting in a more significant update than expected. Apple launched the first beta versions of iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 in February. Also, iOS 17 is set to release in June 2023. And people are eagerly waiting for the exciting features it promises to bring.

Recent reports suggest that Apple has shifted its strategy for the development of iOS 17. The company planned to focus on fixing issues. However, these new reports imply that Apple has changed its approach. Leading to the addition of numerous new features in the next release.

Gurman had previously said that the iOS 17 update might not be as big as past iPhone updates. This was because Apple was mainly concentrating on its mixed reality devices. As is customary, Apple is likely to offer a sneak peek of the update at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2023) in June, before the official release in the fall.

iOS 17 update will feature highly requested features by Apple users

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In his “Power On” newsletter, Gurman explained that a change in the development process led to the addition of several new features. He said that Apple initially intended to make iOS 17 a “tweak release”. Focusing on fixing bugs and the performance rather than adding new functions. This approach is similar to what the company did with Mac OS X Snow Leopard in 2009. The goal was to avoid the issues that plagued iOS 16. It's an update that suffered from missed deadlines and a buggy launch.

However, the strategy changed later in the development process. As a result, iOS 17 will include several “nice to have” features. Even if it doesn't offer a significant improvement like last year's new lock screen. The version, code named “Dawn,” aims to validate several of the functions that users have been asking.

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With this change in strategy, iOS 17 is expected to bring a mix of improvements and new features. Some potential additions include an updated CarPlay experience, changes to Siri, support for alternative and sideloading app stores, compatibility with mixed reality headsets, and more.

Overall, Apple's iOS 17 update promises to be more substantial than initially thought. Thanks to a change in the brand's development strategy. While the focus was initially on bug fixes. Apple has shifted towards adding a variety of new features to enhance the user experience. Some possible additions to iOS 17 include an improved CarPlay experience, Siri modifications, support for alternative app stores, and compatibility with mixed reality headsets. As we await the official release of iOS 17 in June 2023, Apple fans can look forward to a more feature rich update that aims to address their most requested improvements.

iOS 17 features

Apple iOS 17

Based on the trends and user demands, here are some possible features that users hope to see in iOS 17:

  1. Improved Siri: Users hope to see Siri become more conversational, with the ability to understand and respond to complex queries and tasks just like ChatGPT.
  2. Improved Face ID: Users hope to see faster and more accurate Face ID performance.
  3. Enhanced Privacy: Users hope to see more control over app permissions and data sharing, as well as better privacy protections.
  4. Enhanced Widgets: Users hope to see more customization options and capabilities for widgets, such as resizable widgets and more information displayed.
  5. Improved Multi Tasking: Users hope to see more features and capabilities for multitasking.
  6. Better Notifications: Users hope to see more control and customization options for notifications.
  7. Improved Camera: Users hope to see better camera performance. Such as better low light photos and more advanced features for video recording.
  8. AR Improvements: Users hope to see more advanced AR capabilities, such as better object tracking and more realistic rendering.
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