Apple’s Crash Detection Feature is Becoming a Burden to Local Emergency Services

launched the iPhone 14 series last year with a lot of great features. One of the most popular feature of the iPhone 14 series was the Crash Detection Feature. With this feature, your iPhone will automatically call your local emergency service when it detects that have been involved in a car crash.

Looking at the positive side of it, there is no denying that it is a great feature. It feels good to know that your smartphone will automatically call for help when you need it the most. But is that always the case? No it isn’t. Apple Crash Detection

We have heard of several incidences of the crash detection making false calls ever since launched the feature.

Crash Detection Contributes More of the False Calls

In the most recent incident, the fire department of Kita-Alps, Nagano in Japan has confirmed multiple false alerts from ’s Crash Detection. The report says that between December 16 to January 23, the fire department has received 134 false calls. All of these calls came from the crash detection feature of Apple products. It explains that most of these false calls trigger when the users are going down on ski slopes.

Between the period mentioned above the Japanese emergency service unit received a total of 919 false calls. This means that ’s Crash Detection alone accounted for more than ten percent of the total number of false calls.

In the United States, there has also been several accounts of the Crash Detection Feature triggering false calls to the local emergency services. This happens mostly during the Winter sports. Another hotspot for false triggers happen at the roller-coaster rides. With the high speed and impact of these activities, the algorithm easily gets confused and triggers emergency calls. Apple Crash Detection

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did think about such false calls while making the crash detection feature. This is because the device does not call emergency immediately it detects a crash. There is a countdown timer which is accompanied by a strong siren sound. This allows the user to know what is happening and dismisses the trigger if there is no form of car crash or accident.

However, may not have thought of activities such as roller-coaster and skiing where you barely hear anything due to the excessive noise. When a user is involved in any of thses activities, they may not hear of the siren sound in order to dismiss the emergency call.

There are reports that is engaging with the local emergency services. Those that are getting most of these false crash detection calls in order to find a solution to this.

Crash Detection Still Saves Lives Apple Crash Detection

This does not mean that the Crash Detection Feature is not doing the right job. There have been several reports that justifies the fact that Apple’s Crash Detection is really doing a great job.

Today, we saw a news report on ABC News that Apple’s Crash Detection automatically called the emergency service due to a car crash in Australia. The emergency service were able to get to the Accident scene within 8 minutes. This is because Apple’s Crash Detection was able to lead them to the scene on time.

It truly does the job, but these accidental calls is becoming a problem for local emergency Services. One of the main problems is wasting of time. Once there is emergency call, local emergency services need to rush to the scene immediately. Only to reach there and realize that it is a false Alarm. Another issue has to do with waste of fuel in reaching the scene.

These and more reasons have made the Apple Crash Detection a burden for local emergency services. Apple is already thinking of a solution to this. It may take a while but with time, we are sure Apple can fix this.

As a new feature, Apple’s Crash Detection is not available on all iPhones currently. The feature is only available on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. On Apple wearables, it is also available on the latest Apple watches. They include the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (Second Edition) and of course, the Apple Watch Ultra.

How To Turn Off the Crash Detection Feature

As a safety feature that can save your life, we don’t recommend you turning it off. But if you wish to turn it off, you can go to Settings >Emergency SOS >Call after serious Car Crash. From here, you can toggle off the button in order to deactivate Apple Crash Detection.

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