AT&T Prepaid Deal Gets you 16GB of Data for $25/mo, But You Need to Prepay a Year

Prepaid is typically one of those plan types that you subscribe to because you want the flexibility to pay as you use a wireless carrier’s service or because you aren’t sure what the future holds. But what if you could lock-in a super low prepaid price with extra data by paying more money upfront? AT&T is hoping that sounds appealing.

For a limited time, AT&T Prepaid is hosting a deal on a prepaid plan that gets you 16GB of high-speed data to use each month at a really tasty price of $25/mo. However, there’s a bit of a catch here. In order to get the price that low, you actually have to pay for 12-months of service, so you are really paying $300 today.

This specific plan typically only has 8GB of data, so AT&T is doubling it to 16GB and then dropping the price like crazy. Comparable plans on Verizon feature 15GB of data at $50/mo, while T-Mobile’s closest is 10GB of data at $40/mo. You can see here how good of a deal AT&T’s plan is, assuming you want to pay them $300 today.

This 16GB prepaid plan from AT&T has HD streaming (1080p), rollover data, mobile hotspot, talk/text/data in Mexico and Canada, and unlimited texting to over 230 countries. It also has unlimited talk and text in the US, like every plan.

The $300 or $25/mo deal is going to be around for a while (October), so if you don’t have the $300 today, you have some time to think it over. You can shop the deal at AT&T’s site.


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