AVAPOW A68 car jump starter kit gets cheaper with Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Dead battery is certainly a nightmare scenario for every car owner out there. Especially if such event would happen in the neck of the woods with no close help available. Luckily modern gadgets and accessories have you covered on this front as well and the solution is not even too pricy. Like the AVAPOW A68 6000A car battery jump starter, that is now here with a nice 2023 refreshed model. And with the currently running Amazon Prime Big Deal Days the price gets a nice extra welcome slash. Let’s check it out in detail.

So what is the main new thing for the AVAPOW A68 6000A ? Well the 2023 version can comes with the force start function, which can start even the fully drained battery. It is suitable for all 12V cars and motor vehicles, including even boats. And the 6000A peak current is more than enough for all gas or 12l diesel cars. The battery start jumper pack offers an intelligent jumper clamp with 8 special safety protections. Even the handy indicator light will help guiding you to the desired result.


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AVAPOW A68 6000A is also an extremely lightweight and portable device, weighing just 2.75 pounds. You can also use it as a power pack, thanks to 2 USB output ports, including one quick charging one. So your electronic gadgets are safe as well. And as a bonus the kit is equipped with ultra-bright LED light with 3 modes for emergency SOS situations. Quite a bang for the buck isn’t it ?

And in the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days promo event you can get it now for just $114.97 with the on-page discount coupon. The promo is running just today from 00:45 to 12:45 GMT-7. So make sure to catch the discount just in time.

Via: gizchina.com

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