Battery comparison between Oukitel Y4800 and Redmi Note 7 Pro (video)

Oukitel just released their flagship killer in the mid-range segment, Oukitel Y4800, and Redmi Note 7 Pro found a worthy opponent in the fight for the top spot. Both come with a 48MP camera as well as beautiful design and powerful performance that we went through in previous news but how do they compare in terms of battery consumption? Since both feature a 6.3″ FHD+ display and 4000mAh battery, the winner will be determined by software optimization and chipset power consumption management. The Redmi Note 7 Pro comes with the Snapdragon 675 octa-core SoC that is manufactured using the 11nm process while the Y4800 comes with Helio P70 8-core SoC with 12nm process. Also, both come with 9 Pie, MIUI-based on the Redmi and stock Android on Oukitel. So, which does the best job? Let’s see.

The test is based on a 3-hour test that includes 1 hour of online movie playing, 1 hour of camera recording, and 1 hour of online music streaming. As we can see in the video, after 1 hour of online movie playing, the Y4800 has 88% power left while the Redmi Note 7 Pro has 78% power. After 1 more hour of video recording, the Y4800 has 70% power remaining and the Redmi Note 7 Pro has 55% power left. At the end of the test, Oukitel’s device still has 55% power left while the Redmi has 27% power left. This is what a clear winner looks like.


The killer feature of Oukitel Y4800 is definitely the 48MP camera but performance is also satisfying with no lag or stutter during daily tasks. If you combine these features with the well-optimized battery consumption, then it is safe to say that the category just found a new king with longer battery life than similarly configured devices.

Oukitel Y4800

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