Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registerations now open with rewards, new game mode teased

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile, dubbed Battlegrounds Mobile India, has its pre-registerations go live earlier today (18th May 2021). Krafton is even offering rewards that wil be exclusive to the region and has even announced new game modes and map.

For those unaware, PUBG Mobile and other apps faced a ban in India last year. This relaunch in the region is to bring back the popular mobile port of the battle royale title. The game will be nearly identical to the original game and will be available for both iOS and Android device. Furthermore, the studio behind the game will also be offering special rewards for those who pre-register the game, although, what these rewards are is currently unknown.

From the start, Battlegrounds Mobile India will offer all of the game modes that were present in PUBG Mobile, including the classic battle royale mode, team deathmatch, war, and more. However, Krafton has also announced that it will be releasing new and exclusive in game events like cosmetic items, features, with a native esports ecosystem as well. This will have the region have its own tournament and league system. For those interested, you can pre-register on Google Play Store.

Arriving at one of the most highlighting aspects of the pre-registerations, Krafton has also announced that it will be collaborating to bring a a new game mode. This new gameplay feature will be titled as Metro Royale and will be based on the setting of the open world survival shooter title, Metro Exodus, which was first launched with PUBG Mobile last year. The new event will introduce new underground world themed content like spike traps, melee throwable weapons, and much more. Notably, the company is also slimming down the download size of the game from around 1GB to just 610MB.

BattleGrounds Mobile India

Another new change in the game will be related to minors and restrictions. For those below 18 years of age, the game would require minors to provide phone numbers of their parents or legal guardians to play the game. Similarly, Minors will also be restricted to play the game for a maximum of 3 hours a day and their maximum amount of purchase in the game will also be limited to just 7,000 INR (roughly 95 US Dollars).




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