Bluetti introduced AC200 Max off-grid power station with B230 and B300 battery modules

For years, Bluetti has been offering one of the best power solutions for home and outdoor activities. The company has now expanded its product portfolio by adding 4 more new members. To be precise, the new products include the all-new AC200 MAX, the one-of-a-kind AC300, and the industry-first battery modules: the 2048Wh B230 and the 3072Wh B300.

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The AC200 MAX and B230 battery modules are now available for sale, while the AC300 and B300 will be available a month later on September 15th.

Products and the Specifications

The AC200 MAX Power Station & B230 Battery Module

The popular AC200P has been loved by many for its performance. Bluetti, this time around has made significant improvements and the AC200 MAX is in a sense total upgrade of the AC200P. As for the power it can hold, the MAX is able to hold up to two B230’s or B300 battery modules, connecting of which can boost the total capacity to an amazing 8192Wh! As icing on the cake, it supports 900 watts of solar input, a 28% increase over its predecessor.

Keeping the RV enthusiasts in consideration, the AC200 MAX has a specially designed built-in 30A NEMA TT-30 outlet. Additionally, the power solution supports Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled wirelessly with the new Bluetti Smartphone App available for both iOS & Android.

As an introductory offer, the Bluetti AC200MAX and B230 are now available at Bluetti Power Week, offering a crazy $500 OFF.

AC300 Power Station & B300 Battery Module

Bluetti mentions the AC300 as a raw-power beast. It is entirely modular with the main unit housing the 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter. Needless to say, the power the AC300 can hold is immense. To put in numbers, each AC300 when paired with four 3072Wh B300 battery modules it’ll be able to deliver a tremendous 12,228Wh of capacity!

Making things more interesting, Bluetti with its Fusion Box Pro will let us pair two AC300’s together, boosting the entire system up to 240V, 6000W. Yes, a fully stacked system will deliver 24,576Wh of capacity, that’s enough potential energy to power a home for nearly a week! Amazing to say the least.

Now you might be thinking of what about solar input? Indeed, the AC300 supports 2400W solar input, while the fully stacked version allows for 10,400W.

As an early bird offer, Bluetti is giving $800 OFF for those who subscribe.

B230 and B300 Battery Modules

As per Bluetti the B230 and B300 are “industry-first” innovations happening in modular power products. The peculiarity of the product is that both the B230 and B300 can be charged and discharged as a standalone power module and both feature various DC outlets, including a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output, and some USB-A ports.

Additionally, both battery modules are able to soak up 500W of AC power via an AC to DC adapter. Not to mention the B300 even has its own 200W (MPPT-ready) solar inlet just in case you find your power storage running low the next time you and your friends are out camping off-grid.

Last but not the least, Bluetti also provides DC charging Enhancer referred to as DC Enhancer or Little Magic Box. The Box acts as an enhancement tool for the DC inlets (the DC7909 port for adapter) on the Bluetti units.

The built-in MPPT charge controller with voltage regulator circuits enables the Little Magic Box to ramp up the existing Bluetti products in a variety of additional charging ways. For instance, with the help of our new DC Enhancer, you can now increase the overall capacity of previous Bluetti models like the EB150 and EB240 by connecting the latest Bluetti battery modules or lead-acid batteries. Alternatively, you can even charge it via the 12V/24V cigarette lighter port in your car.

As you may be well aware of the latest products are beast. But that doesn’t make the previous generations worthless. Still, you can have a great deal on previous models as Bluetti is offering a great discount now. To name some;

  • AC200P is now at $1599 ($400 off)
  • EB240 for $1399 ($500 off)
  • EB55 for only $449 ($100 off)

So, don’t forget to consider Bluetti products if you’re out in the market hunting for a reliable Power System.

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