ChatGPT has been tricked to generate valid Windows activation keys

A YouTuber recently succeeded in generating a working license key to activate Windows 95 by tricking ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an AI language model, and has many safeguards to prevent it from being in use for illegal activities. However, the quality of responses depends on the prompt submitted to it. The YouTuber, Enderman, initially asked ChatGPT to generate a valid activation key for Windows 95. But the chatbot responded that it could not generate a valid key for proprietary software.

Here's how a YouTuber used ChatGPT to generate Windows activation keys

Enderman decided to try to trick ChatGPT into generating license keys for Windows 95. By modifying the prompt submitted to it. He asked ChatGPT to generate 30 sets of strings in a specific format that met certain criteria. The format was “XXXYY-OEM-NNNNNNN-ZZZZZ,” where “XXX” is a number between 001 and 366. “YY” is the last two digits of a number between 095 and 103. “OEM” remains intact. “NNNNNNN” starts with two zeros, and the remainder of the numbers can be anything. But their sum in digits should be divisible by 7 with no remainder. The last “ZZZZZ” segment can be of any number.

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The first attempt at this was unsuccessful. But Enderman modified the prompt slightly, and was able to obtain validation keys from ChatGPT. However, only one out of thirty validation keys generated by ChatGPT worked and could activate a copy of Windows 95. Enderman believes that the chatbot's inability to sum figures or make divisions is the reason why not all the generated keys worked.

After spotting a validation key that he believed was good, Enderman used it to activate a copy of Windows 95 in a virtual machine successfully. He then sent a message to the chatbot to thank it for generating free activation keys for Windows 95. Leaving ChatGPT visibly confused about being tricked.

It is important to note that generating activation keys for proprietary software is illegal and unethical. The YouTuber‘s actions were not justified as Windows 95 is an outdated operating system that is no longer supported by . It is recommended to use up-to-date and secure versions of operating systems.

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