ChatGPT Passed MBA Exam With High Marks

When ChatGPT was out, not in vain, many people began thinking that this AI bot would change the world. There are too many concerns about how it works and whether there is no copyright infringement. What’s more important, high-school teachers have been thinking about how to prevent students from cheating on doing homework. But the bad news is that everything is getting worse. A couple of days ago, professor Christian Terwiesch of the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business tweeted how ChatGPT passed the MBA exam with a grade of B/B-.

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The professor’s marks of the work of Chat GPT3 on the final exam of the MBA core course “Operations Management”:

  • ChatGPT excels at basic operations management and process analysis questions, including those based on case studies. The answers are correct. Plus, it can explain them.
  • Chat GPT3 makes some mistakes in simple calculations.
  • The current version of ChatGPT can’t handle more complex process analysis questions.
  • ChatGPT3 is good when it comes to modifying answers. In those cases where it failed to match the problem with the correct solution method, Chat GPT3 was able to correct itself after getting a hint from a human expert.

As extra info, graduates of the school, who have studied under the MBA program, work as middle or senior managers in business, in the public or municipal service.


Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban noted that ChatGPT is “only in its infancy.” ” Imagine what GPT 10 is going to look like,” he added. We agree with him. This is one of the first attempts in the field. So in the future, when the bot “educates” and the tech becomes more mature, things will look worse better. And if you think it will take decades, just know, the time when this will happen is around the corner.

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