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Being a hobbyist DIY creative mind is something not only admirable, but also at times quite handy. Because with the modern machines tools and gadgets you can create really amazing things. And we are talking about almost industrial level of quality of just few years ago, because the affordability of really powerful machines is through the roof. Today we can once again prove it, thanks to new batch of deals from the Gearberry e-shop. This time going across their portfolio to make really hobbyist paradise deals.

First we should probably take a little closer look at the GearBerry e-shop itself. Because if you are shopping somewhere, then you surely want to know more about the seller. Guys from GearBerry are certainly the experts in the creative field and their portfolio is mainly focused on the 3D printers and laser engravers. Maybe with some occasional power station as well for a good measure.

And they have in stock plenty of high-quality products from the big brands like Anycubic, Ortur, Xtool and such. Their offerings are aimed to be with a more competitive price and better after-sales service than the competition. After all you can take a look at their social media. And now you can get one of the highlighted GearBerry laser engravers and other gadgets even cheaper with the $20 discount coupon GB20off. All you have to do is to spend over $50 with them. And what would be for example worth buying ?

Kingroon KSP3S Pro S1 3D printer


And where else to start than with a 3D printer. That should be really the first item on every hobbyist shopping list anyway. And the Kingroon KSP3S Pro S1 is quite an interesting model to consider for a very tempting price as well. It is a pretty compact FDM 3D printer, but still with a rock solid print max volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm. And the built-in switching power supply makes it all even more convenient, because you can get rid of all external power sources of cables.

Kingroon KSP3S Pro S1 brings to the table a cantilever style design and linear guide rails for all three axis for great stability and accuracy. Titan direct drive extruder with 3:1 gear ratio allows you usage of wide range of materials so you certainly will have the choices. And the TMC2225 stepper driver is a godsend for properly quiet operation of the printer. It is also very user friendly, thanks to being 95% pre-assembles so you can install it in mere 15 minutes. Then you can get directly into 3D printing !

Current promo offer from the Gearberry e-shop of course utilizes the aforementioned discount couupon GB20off. And with its help we can get to the final price point of just $209.99. We can also add to that the ease of delivery from EU/US warehouses and connected tax free shipping for eligible countries.

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Ortur Laser Master 3

Then we move to a slightly different category with Ortur Laser Master 3 being a superbly powerful laser engraver. Sporting upgraded 10W laser module with integrated air assist it is capable of cutting 10mm pine board with just one pass or even 30mm thick black acrylics in multiple passes. For the actual engraving it can also perform with super fast speed of 20.000mm /min. And with the brand new eye-protection cover design you can throw away your goggles, because the panoramic filter shield will filter 97% of the UV rays.

Ortus Laser Master 3 is also a very user friendly machine with various input options. Ranging from TF card, USB, Wi-Fi or even the Laser Explorer Professional app. It is also compatible with wide range of the mature engraving software options like LaserGRBL or Lightburn. Massive maximum engraving area of 400x400mm and plenty of supported materials also help to build the case to buy this one.

And you can once again save a bit at GearBerry with the coupon GB20ff, bringing the final price down to just $579.99. Like the previous sibling it also offers delivery from US/EU local warehouses and tax free shipping for the eligible countries in the region. Convinced already ?

Twotrees TTC 450 CNC router machine

Just in case 3D printer or laser engraver would be too pedestrian for your hobbyist tastes, then we can certainly up the ante. Like with the Twotrees TTC 450 CNC router machine. Which is a very advanced CNC engraving machine for both 2D/3D creations. From plastic, acrylic to wood and much more, so this one is really for the more advanced among us. Maximum working area of 460 x 460 x 80 mm is also quite a boon for making even bigger pieces. The options are almost endless.

And the will not disappoint you either. Discount coupon GB20off will of course make the appearance again and will slash the final price to just $429.99. All benefits with delivery from US/EU local warehouses and tax free shipping also stays the same.


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