Chinese Display Manufacturers join forces to invalidate Samsung’s OLED patent

Many Chinese display manufacturers like BOE, CSOT, Tianma, and Visionox are joining forces. Their goal is to invalidate a patent that belongs to Display in the United States. The move is a direct response to Samsung Display's previous attempts to halt imports of third-party displays that infringe upon its patented tech. Fearing the effects of a possible scenario where Samsung achieves its goal, these makers are going all-out war against Samsung. 

Chinese Display Manufacturers Vs. Samsung – Who will win the Patent Dispute?

The U.S Patent No. 7,414,599 pertains to an “Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) Device Pixel Circuit and Driving Method”. This particular patent is part of Samsung Display's complaint filed with the US International Trade Commission late last year. The company aims to prevent the importation of OLED panels that allegedly violate their patents. Instead of going against the Chinese makers, Samsung is going through this route of preventing importers from using them. Even so, this move is provoking a response from the Chinese Display Makers. Now, they aim to invalidate Samsung's patent. At the same time, this seems to indirectly assume that they're using Samsung's tech without proper licenses.

The struggle began in early May when BOE initiated a series of patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung. These lawsuits have been targeting divisions unrelated to display tech. These include Semiconductors, Investment, and Vision. Now, BOE and the others are aiming to invalidate the aforementioned patent in the U.S.

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China Display Manufacturers vs Samsung Patent

Worth noting that the trial for the patent invalidation is yet to begin. Anything can happen. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board is currently evaluating whether to accept the claim. Of Course, if it goes forward, we will see some ramifications for the involved parties. It may also bring a significant impact on the display manufacturing industry. If Samsung loses the patent, this will be a huge victory for the Chinese Display Manufacturers.

Samsung's strength in the display segment is undeniable. Now, we are all looking to see what the company has in tow for the next generation of foldable displays with the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5. These devices will show the company's next advancements in foldable tech in late July.

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