Chrome is testing PWA to support double-clicking to open local files

In order to make progressive web applications (PWA) more consistent with local applications, is working to allow PWA to be registered as a file handler for specific extensions, just like local applications. This will mean that double-clicking a file type on Chrome will directly open the file in PWA.

“The goal of this project is to implement an API that allows Chrome Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to process (read) files in the file system of the host operating system, just like native applications”.  engineer, Darwin Huang said in the design document…”This is in line with the larger goal of increasing the transparency between web applications and local applications, according to the progressive web application (PWA) model, to make the user experience of the two more consistent”.

Web applications will be able to declare the MIME types they support in their manifests. Users will be able to allow or block the registration of file types, and every time an application wants to write to a file it has already opened, it will ask the user for permission.

The testing of this feature under the file processing API flag of Chrome or Edge is complete. In addition, it will be available on all platforms pretty soon.

will restrict the “read application list” permission of programs

will also make some significant changes to its operation in order to improve its security. The company will activate some restrictions on developers so as to further protect user privacy. Google claims that all requests to access the Query_All_Packages will require special permission. This operation will be active later this year. The developer can not proceed if the request does not meet all Google’s requirements. According to the company, it will only grant access if the permission relates to the core function of the application. 


According to Google, this is what Core Functions” is:

Permitted use involves applications that must be found on the device for any and all installed applications, because awareness or interoperability purposes may qualify for permissions. In addition, allowed use includes device search, anti-virus application, file manager and browser.

Although there is no specific date, will enforce this new law later this year. In addition, illegal apps or those that have no declaration will be removed from Google Play.


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