Chromecast With Google TV is Only $40 in Early Black Friday Sale

The Chromecast with TV was priced out of the gate at a very reasonable $50, making it an easy buy for those looking to add smarts to TVs throughout their home. But since it’s pre-Black Friday time, we have a deal on it and you’ll love it.

At the moment, most retailers have the Chromecast with TV with a $10 discount, making it $39.99.

Why is this such a good deal? You get a full TV experience at the price of an old Chromecast that did a fifth of the stuff this can do. It comes with a handy little remote that can access Google Assistant and take voice commands, it’s small enough to bury behind a TV, and it even comes in some fun colors. This, like the old Chromecast, is kind of a must buy for tech fans.

Need to know more about what the Chromecast with TV can do? Read our review.

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