Cricket Wireless Removes 8Mbps Speed Cap on Select Plans, Adds 5G Access to All Plans

While we were busy writing our Pixel reviews last week, Cricket Wireless dropped some big news. As detailed, Cricket is now including access on all of its plans, meaning new and current customers will be able to access 5G benefits in available areas with a supported 5G smartphone. That should be most new phones these days.

Additionally, Cricket also announced that it has removed the 8Mbps speed cap on its $30, $40, and $55/month plans. This is news is perfect when paired with the aforementioned access news, obviously.

These changes are live right now, so if you’re now seeing on your Cricket device, awesome.

If it’s time to upgrade because of this change, you can shop Cricket supported phones right here. If you’d like to shop Cricket plans, look here. Unlimited data plans start at $55/month for a single line, while an unlimited plan coupled with HBO Max (w/ ads) starts at $60/month. If you need barebones access with a 2GB high-speed cap, it’s $30/month.

// Cricket Wireless

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