Customers Sue Samsung over Broken Galaxy S20 Camera Glass

This is not the first time consumers have sued a smartphone maker. This timer around Samsung users have sued the company over broken camera glass; yes, you heard it right, broken. Users have filed a class-action suit against for hiding “widespread defect” in the Galaxy S20 model camera glass.

One might wonder in what way the company is responsible for broken camera glass. Well, the class-action lawsuit alleges Samsung knew about the defect on Galaxy S20 phones and hid it purposefully. Many users are reporting that camera glass is cracking without any external force or impact. Making the matters worse is that Samsung is not covering the issue under warranty.

It seems like Samsung’s staff is fairly acquainted with the issue. In fact, a Samsung Care ambassador said that it is due to “pressure buildup” under the glass. The company has refused to cover the issue under warranty, leaving the customers in a lurch. They have to pay as much as $400 to repair the glass. The worst part is that it breaks again, leaving users with yet another fat repair bill.

Samsung is yet to comment on the issue. The lawsuit claims Samsung has violated consumer laws by hiding the defect from consumers and selling the Galaxy S20 in the market. There is a good chance that Samsung will have to refund repair amounts to the customers if they lose the lawsuit. However, after all the deductions, the payment is pretty less.

Our Take

Previously consumers have successfully sued Samsung over the faulty Galaxy Note 7. Similarly, Apple has been sued multiple times over the iPhone throttling issue. In most cases, when a large number of users have similar complaints, then the fault mostly lies with the phone manufacturer.

[via Authority]

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