DEAL: Both SHIELD TV Models Get $20 Discount, Now Start at $129

For what’s assumed to be a limited time, buyers can snag either the SHIELD TV or SHIELD TV Pro from NVIDIA at Amazon and Best Buy for $20 off the usual prices, bringing the TV-powered box to a starting price of just $129.

Having used the SHIELD TV every day since launch, I can say that the $129 price is super solid. With the SHIELD TV, you’re getting the SHIELD Remote, Dolby Vision Atmos, NVIDIA’s AI upscaling goodness, and the overall awesomeness that is TV. In my opinion, the platform keeps improving.

With the $179 SHIELD TV Pro, you’re getting 2x USB ports, more RAM, plus the built-in ability to use the box as a Plex Media Server. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these.

Far as I can tell, both will be delivered ahead of Christmas, so if you’re interested, follow the links below.

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