DEAL: Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds Only $149 ($80 Off)

This week, I destroyed a pair of Jabra Elite 85t earbuds by putting them in my pants pocket, forgetting that I put them there, then placing them through a washer/dryer cycle. While the right bud seems to be fine, the left bud sounds like I have my ear up to a seashell and it won’t sync with the other earbud. As these are my favorite earbuds, I’m considerably disappointed in myself, but it has led me to discover that Jabra is hosting a solid Black Friday sale on these earbuds right now, bringing them down to just $149.

At $149, which is $80 off the typical $230 price, these earbuds are a solid pick-up for those who appreciate great build and sound quality. Honestly, I’ve played with a lot of earbuds over the past few years and I keep using the Elite 85t, thanks to the very good battery life, ridiculously good ANC, plus an app that I don’t hate using. Now, if only they had superior water and heat (washer & dryer) resistance I’d be doing great, but alas, their demise is entirely my fault. For those curious, these earbuds come with a rating of IPX4, which is only good for very light splashes, not being submerged.

You can follow one of the links below, and don’t worry, I’ll undoubtedly be shopping for a pair right alongside you.

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