DEAL: myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub on Treasure Truck for $17 ($13 Off)

My latest favorite piece of smart home tech is the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub, a device that Kellen said I should get a couple of months ago. Well, I got one the last time it was on sale, and yes, Kellen was right. This thing is awesome, and if you’re in an area supported by Amazon’s Treasure Truck, you can get one for under $17.

This hub allows users to open and close the garage door from their smartphone, but also, connects to Amazon’s Key delivery service, allowing delivery folks to drop packages off in your garage instead of leaving them on your front porch to get snatched by porch pirates. Installation is super easy and the device supports a wide range of garage door openers.

It’s the best $17 you’ll spend today. Believe me. Go get one.

Amazon Link ($16.89)


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