DEAL: Pixel Buds Pro Down to $175 on Amazon ($25 Off)

Pixel Buds Pro, the latest earbuds from that we just got done reviewing and telling you that you should buy, are on sale for presumably a short time over on Amazon. The sale has brought the price of select color options down to $175 from their usual $199 price. Any discount is a good discount.

From what we can see, all colors except for Coral are on sale. That means Charcoal, Fog (pictured above), and Lemongrass are marked down. As for why we think these are good buds, there’s a lot to like. The touch controls are good, battery life is solid, Assistant is only getting better on devices like this, and of course, they sound good. These are easily Google’s best buds yet, so if you were on the fence, take the plunge.


Amazon Links: Charcoal | Fog | Lemongrass


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