Developers Manage to Run the Latest Windows 11 on Xiaomi Mi 8

Last week Microsoft announced the Windows 11 Insider Preview for developers. The early preview offers a glimpse at the latest Windows operating system. The Windows 11 looks slick and seems to be inspired by macOS to some extent. Some developers have gotten hold of Windows 11 ARM 64 and successfully flashed it on Xiaomi Mi 8.

The Windows 11 preview is already available, and this includes the ARM version. The developers have managed to load it on Mi 8 and older phones like the Lumia 950 XL. Truth be told, the Windows 11 on Xiaomi Mi 8 is not functional. This is because it doesn’t support USB and touchscreen yet. On the brighter side, the Windows on Xiaomi Mi 8 can detect SIM cards on the device.

Developers have successfully managed to add Continuum support and baked in a custom phone dialer app on a Lumia device running Windows. There is very little chance that will bring back Windows for smartphones. The latest Microsoft device, like the Surface Pro, runs on Android.

officially killed Windows Mobile in 2019. They failed to include many essential features, and low volume meant developers showed very little interest in creating Windows apps. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition fell flat, and finally, they had to write down the same.

The Mi 8 is powered by Snapdragon 845 and was launched in 2018. Currently, is working on improving the Windows ARM project that is crucial for notebooks and other devices with cellular connectivity. A majority of apps are being redesigned to support the 64bit ARM version for Windows 11. Would you fancy a Windows-powered smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

[via GizmoChina]


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