Diablo Immortal does not run on Samsung smartphones with Exynos chip

Diablo: Immortal is a mobile multiplayer online action role-playing game jointly developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase Games. Diablo: Immortal is one of the most popular games in the world, and and iOS phones are now available for early adopters. Unfortunately, some users are already complaining about this game. Many of the reviews on the Play Store are not more than two stars. While some of the players lament that the graphics are bad, others claim that the game is completely unplayable.  However, the reasons for this are now gradually coming out. According to the latest report, some smartphones are struggling to run this game.

Diablo Immortal

In fact, there are reports that smartphones with Exynos chips can not run Diablo Immortal at all. According to SamMobile, the Exynos version of Samsung phones that cannot run Diablo Immortal include Galaxy A12, Galaxy A13, Galaxy S21s, Galaxy A51 5G, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy F12, Galaxy F62, Galaxy M12, Galaxy M13, Galaxy M62, Galaxy XCover 5 and more.

Even with the high-end flagship, Galaxy S22+ Exynos version, Diablo Immortal does not run smoothly. The system freezes after opening the game. The report also claims that the major reason for this issue is the Exynos chip driver. Unfortunately, users of these smartphones will have to wait until Samsung finds a solution for this issue.

Diablo Immortal – released

A day before the official launch of Diablo Immortal, this game officially hit the public for and iOS devices. At the moment, this game is now available for both mobile and PC gamers to try out. You may be wondering why this game is so attractive and getting so much attention. This is because it is a free-to-play and online-only game that also supports cross-play and cross-progression. This means that a single user can develop the character both on mobile and desktop.

Furthermore, this game is also popular because of some popular characters that it has. It comes with popular characters such as Necromancer and Barbarian. These are in addition to some new characters that the game is hoping to popularize.

As for the controls, it is pretty simple to handle this game on a smartphone – both and iOS. The left side of the screen has the navigation key while the right side is for attacks, potions, magic, etc. The mouse and a new control addition (WASD movement) will be responsible for controls on the PC. Keys 1 to 4 will be for actions while Q will work for portions.

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