Disappointing!!! Samsung to cut down the camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

has been releasing the Ultra variants of the Galaxy S series since 2021. These devices have four rear cameras, two of which are telephoto sensors. There is a 3x telephoto as well as a 10x periscope telephoto unit. However, in a recent report, popular Twitter tech blogger, @iceuniverse claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra could change this camera setup next year. According to the source, Samsung “merged” the periscope telephoto and 3x telephoto sensors on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Although @iceuniverse did not give more info, another report claims that Samsung had to remove the 3x telephoto lens from the Galaxy S24 Ultra and replaced it with a variable folding telephoto. This new lens comes with a 3x to 10x zoom range.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Galaxy S24 Ultra to use “merged” zoom cameras

Back in December, @iceuniverse predicted that Samsung would “adopt a new solution” and swap out the telephoto sensor from the Galaxy S24 Ultra found on earlier generations. This folding telephoto with a 3-10x variable zoom may be the new answer. At the moment, this info is coming out from multiple sources. Thus, it is possible that it has some credibility. However, it is better to take it with a grain of salt while we wait for some sort of official clue from Samsung. This is because the device won't be revealed for another six months, and plans are subject to change.

From the info above, though there will be fewer camera sensors, the features will remain the same. Those who know about mobile phone cameras know that more sensors do not always mean better images. This is just as more pixels don't always mean better output. Samsung is only merging two formerly separate camera sensors into one. Thus, we expect that the output should be decent. However, this is only a rumour and the company is yet to issue a statement.

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