Discover the Next-Level Camera Capabilities of the vivo X100 Series

The vivo X100 series is right around the corner. While past leaks gave us an idea of the device’s specs, the VP and chief of brand at vivo has confirmed some of the key specs via a long post on Weibo.

According to the Weibo post, the vivo X100 is confirmed to come with Dimensity 9300 chipset. This chipset will compete against the current Qualcomm flagship, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. And according to the recent benchmark results, it will be a pretty tight competition among these two chipsets.

But the most important aspect of the vivo X100 is its camera setup. As shared by Jia Jingdong, the VP and chief of branding at vivo, the device will feature vivo V3 ISP and Zeiss-branded T* lens. In addition, Jia Jingdong shared some camera samples of the devices. And with that, it’s safe to say that the device will take your mobile photography experience to the next level.

About the Camera Samples of the vivo X100 series

Through the Weibo post, Jia Jingdong establishes that flagship phones do not take real photos of the moon. As you might know, they take “calculation photography.” It’s basically a way of using the available data to calculate the current position and state of the moon to offer artificially enhanced moon photos.

But so far, flagships haven’t boasted much about their sun-capturing capabilities. Well, that’s where the vivo X100 smartphones step in. As you can see from the pictures attached above, the device can take amazing sun pictures during sunset. And through his post on Weibo, Jia Jingdong has established that these are realistic photos captured using computational tricks.

Wondering what’s so unique about vivo X100’s sunset-capturing capabilities? Smartphones find it challenging to take these good pictures of the sunset. The phones require ideal conditions for better quality where the sun is at the lowest horizon with no clouds. Also, the light refraction needs to lower the overall brightness of the sun.

How Does the Phone Take Amazing Sunset Pictures?

Looking at the samples attached above, you might be wondering how the vivo X100 captures such stunning photos. Well, for context, the sunlight during the day generally crosses 125 thousand lumens. And during sunset and sunrise, it’s generally around 32 thousand lumens.

To take great photos during such conditions, vivo X100 utilizes the powerful Dimensity 9300 SoC with a dedicated image signal processor. This combination allows the smartphone to take photos of the sun using the same tricks that smartphones use for taking moon photos.

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But even with computational tricks, the challenge of high overall brightness still remains. Even if you make the phone focus on the sun, the other objects remain underexposed. Again, the image signal processor (ISP) of vivo X100 devices comes to the rescue.

The vivo ISP isolates the sun based on its calculations. Through that, first processes the rest of the picture, excluding the sun. After that, it adds an enhanced version of the sun to the picture.

Now, the vivo ISP won’t be something new to the vivo X100 series. The vivo X90 Pro came with similar capabilities. And with the ISP, the predecessors could take stunning photos both during the sunset and sunrise. But judging from the images shared by Jia Jingdong, it seems the new devices will take things to the next level.

vivo X100 orange color

Also, Jia Jingdong shared an elegant orange colorway of the vivo X100 series. As you can see from the picture attached, it comes with a lovely, wavy vegan leather finish. More features regarding the device should come out soon as the launch is set for November 13, which is just a few days away.

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