Do You Know How Many Photos Are Taken Yearly?

has all but pulled out of the smartphone business. Of course, it still designs new models. But it has no chance of catching up with the top brands. This doesn't mean that the Huawei brand is dying. Vice versa, it has revised its business goals. It is now working on its own system, HarmonyOS; it makes various smart home products; and it still has various R&D centers across the country working on new technologies. At today's MWC 2023 event, Huawei talked about the new XMAGE imaging system. From the speech, we learned many statistics about mobile imaging.

Mobile Imaging Is Gaining Momentum

For instance, the latest research shows that more than 1.4 trillion photos are taken worldwide a year. Of these, more than 89% are taken with smartphones. This is a clear hint at the direction Huawei should focus on.

As for Huawei itself, it's been working in this area for more than 6 years. Since 2017, Huawei smartphone users from more than 170 countries and regions have taken more than 4 million work photos.

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huawei Xmage

This is a huge base for Huawei to work on various features to improve mobile imaging for its smartphones. A year ago, Huawei introduced XMAGE, a new imaging brand. It's an exclusive tech used on Huawei mobile devices. Given Huawei's experience and results in mobile imaging, there is a reason to believe that the future Huawei smartphone will regain the title of the best camera phone.

Before that, Huawei and other brands appearing on the list of banned companies should consider semiconductor supply issues. We mean, if it could solve the problem with the software, it's much harder to set up a hardware manufacturing plant. It's about technology and innovation, which Huawei lacks. That's why the world relies on two companies – TSMC and . But this could change soon.

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