Dreametech R Series cordless vacuums launching with massive discounts

Even though robotic vacuum cleaners are occupying a big chunk of the market, good old stick vacuums are still having the upper hand. After all they are the most versatile and can be used for things, that robot simply can’t achieve. Cordless models are the most popular ones among them, because cleaning without wires is just so much more convenient. And today we have for you a trio of freshly launched very interesting cordless vacuum cleaners. So let’s take a closer look at the bad boys from the Dreametch R Series.

Dreametech R20

At the very top of their foodchain sits the flagship Dreametech R20 model, featuring the most of the advanced perks available. With the 190 AW suction power it is capable to handle deep cleaning, easily removing dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. The advanced dual V-shaped brush head also guarantees picking up the debris from all angles. And the intelligent dirt detection will take care of automatically adjusting the suction needed.


But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the Enhanced Blue Bright LED Dust Detection Technology you can easily illuminate dirt and debris in hard to see area. So you won’t miss any critical spot. Dreametech R20’s battery will offer runtime around 90 minutes and the 5-layer filtration system will effectively help with managing the dirt. And with multiple accessories available in the package, you will never be out of option how to clean anything in your home.

The launch brings a massive price slash as well, because with the discount coupon R20DEALS you can get it on Amazon for just $349.99. The offer is valid from June 14th 00:00 to June 27th 23:59 GMT-7. So make sure to catch it in time.

Dreametech R10 Pro

And the lower priced models are worth the attention as we well. The Dreametech R10 Pro keeps quite some of the top level perks, including illuminating bright LED lights, dual brush head design, refined 5-layer filtration technology or tons of accessories available. There are of course some compromises, like 150 AW maximum suction power or 65 minute battery runtime, but it is still a very powerful cordless vacuum cleaner on all fronts.

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And the promo launch prices are of course available for Dreametech R10 Pro as well. This time using the R10PRODEALS discount coupon, effectively saving $120. So you can buy the shiny new vacuum cleaner on Amazon for mere $279.99. The timeframe for the promo also stays the same, so June 14th 00:00 to June 27th 23:59 GMT-7.

Dreametech R10

Even the cheapest Dreametech R10 model is still a juggernaut in comparison to similar competition. It brings to the table features like 120 AW suction power, 60 minutes of battery runtime, V-shaped brush head with LED lights, five-layer filtration system and of course multiple atachments and accessories for your convenience. Should be more than enough for many users, who prefer to look at the price/performance ratio.

Discount coupon is present as well in the form of R10DEALS and will save you full $90. Using the coupon the price on Amazon dips to just $209.99. Once again with the same promo timeframe, June 14th 00:00 to June 27th 23:59 GMT-7.

Try you luck in the official giveaway

All of Dreametech models come with 1-year warranty and lifetime of company support. Which is of course never a bad thing to have. And you can even try your luck and maybe win one of the models in the official giveaway event. So make sure to visit the official website to learn more about that and join up.

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