Early Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing Makes Me Want It More

We are coming up on 's official unveiling date for the Galaxy S23 lineup, but it appears units are already making their way out into the wild. Don't trip, Samsung, it happens to the best of us. Thanks to these early unboxings, we're getting a better sense for what these devices might be like in-hand, and in my opinion, it has made the Galaxy S23 Ultra much more desirable for one specific reason.

Thanks to Twitter user @edwards_uh, who is responsible for unboxing an S23 Ultra in the White color option, we can easily see the side of the device and the shape Samsung has opted to go with. Compared to previous models, the Galaxy S23 Ultra features mess less of a rounded side, and in my humble opinion, that will feel so good in-hand. We can also see that the display doesn't appear to have as a dramatic a curve as we're used to seeing, too.

The unboxing doesn't provide much else as the filmer doesn't boot it up in this video. However, we can also confirm the Galaxy S23 Ultra won't ship with a wall charger. No surprises there.

Galaxy Unpacked happens February 1. Be sure to register early for a Galaxy S23 if you're on the fence, simply so you can take advantage of Samsung's early bird savings. It costs nothing and completely worth it.

// @edwards_uh

Via: droid-life.com

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