Elevate Your Engraving Projects with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World’s First Smart Engraving Solution

Laser engravers have come quite a long way in the past few years. So it is very much possible to have almost an industrial level of a device at home for quite an affordable price. And the possibilities are really on the high-end level for almost all the hobbyists. Today we have for you  another piece fitting such description. The new AlgoLaser Delta 22W is trying to claim the title of a world’s first smart laser engraver and will be launching for a  very good price. More the reason to look at it in detail.

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AlgoLaser Delta 22W brings to the users smart screen controls and much more in terms of options. You will be able to achieve instant image engraving without connecting to any devices and apps. All engraving, cutting and air-pump controls are on the interactive LCD screen for you. You can even use smart app and engrave directly from your phone. Offline batch cutting is a possibility as well. The laser engraver is also super accessible to beginners thanks to the pre-assembled structure and the automatic airflow of the smart air pump.

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It is also claiming to be the strongest 22W engraving machine, sporting the second-generation COS technology. Which should improve the performance of the laser beam by 40%. And the powerful 22W laser can cut almost through anything, including 30mm pinewood in just one pass or even 45mm black acrylic. Engraving itself is blazing fast we well with up to 500mm/s speed. You can also enrich your projects with 500+ shades of color thanks to the oxidation of stainless steel materials. More powerful  hardware with 4-core dual CPU, new motherboard and self-developed firmware also helps immensely.

Early bird launch promo price

And the launch pricing for AlgoLaser Delta 22W is making it even better. From September 20th 7:00AM to October 20th 7:00AM (PST time) you can grab it for only $999. That’s a significant price cut from the original $1499 price point. First 100 orders will even get a 400x400mm Honeycomb Panel worth $79.99 for free. You can find more about the promo on the official website and make sure to check it out if you an engraving hobbyist.

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