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The world is a global market. That might seem an exaggeration, but those who transact internationally understand how true that is. Historically, trade was international, and goods crossed borders with some degree of ease. In today’s world, products travel with even more ease. However, the dynamics of your product or service in a particular market can vary. So, data helps you evaluate and understand these key variables.

Fortunately, you can access this data online and obtain it using the appropriate skills and tools. Unfortunately, this online data might not be available in your region. You can bypass this roadblock to valuable data using a location proxy.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the process of automatically harvesting or extracting online data. The process helps businesses looking to extract and analyze large amounts of international data because it allows them to extract large-scale data with ease. However, some publicly available online data might be restricted to a particular country or region. Plus the risk of falling afoul of the terms and regulations of some websites and data sources. A location proxy or proxy server would help to circumvent such potential problems.

What Is A Location Proxy?

Generally, proxies are intermediaries between your device and the target site, thus masking your identity. So, a location proxy allows you to appear as if you are connecting from the location of the proxy server rather than your actual location. For instance, a Lithuanian resident can access a US website using a US proxy and appear as if they are in the US.

How Do Proxy Servers Facilitate Web Scraping?

A proxy server facilitates web scraping by providing the following advantages over a direct connection:

  • Masking and rotating IP addresses: When boiled down to its simplest function, a location proxy helps businesses access relevant online data without exposing their IP address or location. The anonymity and privacy provided by location proxies are especially important to companies looking to gain a competitive edge in a crowded industry or expand into a new region.
  • Distribution of scraping requests: The data required for business competitor analysis, market research, and pricing strategies is usually large and varied. For this reason, many websites are wary of allowing users to scrape their sites indiscriminately, as it could interfere with the speed of their connections. Thus, rotating proxies by seemingly spreading scraping requests across several locations could help businesses access the data they need without breaking the terms of use of the website.
  • Security: Security is not a feature of all proxies, but a reliable location proxy can provide enhanced security via encryption. This guarantees that the extracted data is unidentifiable to ISPs. Additionally, they shield you from cyber threats.
  • Access to restricted data: Access may be restricted depending on the region or website that is under research. An organization or business can employ proxies to scrape necessary data without restrictions.

Benefits Of Using A Location Proxy For International Businesses

Data is the lifeblood of every business in the modern world. And the availability of competing products and services makes seeking a competitive edge an urgent duty. Data grants you the advantage of knowing your competitors and market. International businesses usually use a location proxy to extract data from international online sources. Specifically, the following are some benefits of using location proxies for international business:

  • Obtaining data for market research: Most business owners like to know how customers interact with a product or service before entering a new market. International businesses analyze large swathes of customer data for this information, which may only be obtainable with a location proxy.
  • Obtaining data for competitor analysis: We have pointed out the crowded nature of many industries. Businesses, especially new ones, must figure out what their rivals are doing and how to improve it.
  • Monitoring marketing and pricing strategies: A location proxy can allow international businesses to monitor marketing campaigns and pricing strategies in regions they intend to expand. Therefore, it enables them to select the right strategies and campaigns.


International businesses need data to compete very well. However, international markets are a greater challenge because of the peculiarities of customer behavior and business culture. Though data abounds online to provide insights, this would be daunting without using a location proxy server to scrape data.

In a world where personalized products and services are all the rage, location proxies that allow businesses to access appropriate online data are necessary. Without such data, international businesses would struggle to tailor their products effectively, decide on market strategies, optimize ad campaigns, or ensure regulatory compliance across diverse international markets.

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