Facebook turns its California headquarters into a vaccination site

Facebook is a large internet company and it is expected to offer some community services.  Today, Facebook’s chief operating officer (COO), Sheryl Sandberg, announced that starting this Saturday, the company will divide its Menlo Park, California headquarters. It will use some part as a public vaccination point for the new coronavirus.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, through this effort, the company hopes to help about 10,000 people get vaccines within a few weeks. According to reports, the internet giant will launch a vaccine in cooperation with Ravenswood Family Health Network. In addition, it will also cooperate with cities such as East Palo Alto and Menlo Park to provide shuttle services for vaccine appointments.

Sandberg said that Facebook is also cooperating with the California government and nine non-profit organizations to support mobile vaccination across the state. Sandberg said: “As more new vaccines are rolled out across the country, we finally see the dawn of hope. As long as we continue to make progress, the hope will grow”.

Before Facebook, launched similar measures in January this year, using some of its offices as vaccination points.

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Facebook has some running battles

While Facebook is doing some charity works, the company is still at the hub of controversies. Facebook is currently at loggerheads with over the latter’s new policy. Apple’s latest policy will not allow Facebook to track users without their permission. This is not acceptable with Facebook as it will affect its advertising business. However, users are happy because everybody wants to know who is collecting their data.

In addition, over 500 million Facebook users got hacked, the report only recently hit the web. The hacker leaked users’ information online for free. As of now, the company has not notified these users that their credentials are in the public domain. The leak has important personal information of Facebook users. This information includes

  • Full name
  • Phone numbers
  • IDs
  • Locations
  • Dates of birth
  • Sometimes email addresses

According to the company, it did not inform users because it is completely clear which users need to be notified. In addition, the company believes that there is nothing users can do to fix this problem. The company also claims that it had blocked the loopholes after discovering the problem at the time. Thankfully, the leak does not include users financial information

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