Fairphone 4 proves its mettle in durability test

The Dutch company Fairphone, famous for its modular phones and ethical practices, released the Fairphone 4 in September as the latest addition to their module smartphone line. The phone was recently tested on its durability and sustainability claims by the famous Youtuber, JerryRigEverything.

The Youtuber Zack Nelson first puts the phone through a disassembly and reassembly test, suitable for a phone claiming to be designed for easy dismantled and repaired by the end-user, prolonging the useful life as long as possible.

Image via JerryRigEverything

The Youtuber easily removes the back case and battery of the phone, complimenting the brand for offering the easiest battery replacement experience of 2021. Zack proceeds to easily remove the bottom module containing the speakers, the USC-C connector, the top module containing the rear camera, and the front-facing camera in a matter of minutes.

He also points out that an expert screwer can replace the display on the Fairphone 4 in about 5 minutes. It is as easy as removing 8 Phillips head screws and running a fingernail around the exterior edge of the phone.

Following that easy reassembly, the Gorilla Glass 5 screen of the smartphone is put through a scratch resistance test which shows no marks when scratched by materials with a level 5 hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness.

The aluminum chassis of the phone holds up admirably as well, only losing some color to a scrape from a box cutter. The screen is also put through the burn test with a lighter under it for 10 seconds resulting in the pixels turning black, but they recover their functionality only a few seconds later.

The Youtuber concludes the durability assessment with a bend test that sees the phone passing with flying colors as it handly has any flex when bent from both back and front. Although the Fairphone 4 may have sacrificed a slim form factor for the sake of replaceable components, it hasn’t come at the cost of its durability.

Zack’s only gripe about the phone was its lack of availability outside Europe. He concludes his video by speculating that the Fairphone might be a massive success in the U.S.A if released as not all people want the latest and greatest in tech, and some want the phone to last long.

If you are interested in this modular device by Fairphone, you can check out its specs by clicking this link.


Via: gizmochina.com

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