Firefox 118 released: introduces local translation

Mozilla Firefox 118 has been released, and it introduces a new feature that allows for local translation of web content. This feature is different from cloud-based alternatives, as the translation is done locally in Firefox. This helps to protect the privacy of users. This new feature can translate a webpage from one language to another. To download the new version of the browser with this feature, click here.


Local Machine Translation Tools

The local translation feature is part of Project Bergamot. This is a consortium that was formed to build a set of neural machine translation tools that would enable Mozilla to develop a website. The ultimate goal of this project was to make the Internet more accessible to people who do not speak English.

Gizchina News of the week

Firefox has had a built-in full-page translation feature for some time now. This feature allows users to seamlessly browse the web in their preferred language. However, the new local translation feature takes things a step further by allowing users to translate specific parts of a web page.

How to Use the Local Translation Feature

To use the local translation feature in Firefox 118, users need to do the following:

1. Right-click on the web page they want to translate.
2. Click on “Translate Page” in the context menu.
3. Select the language they want to translate the page to.

Firefox can translate web content from over 100 languages to the user’s preferred language[5]. This makes it easier for users to access content that is not written in English.


Firefox 118 introduces a new local translation feature that allows users to translate web content without leaving their browsers. This feature is part of Project Bergamot, which aims to make the Internet more accessible to people who do not speak English. The local translation feature is different from cloud alternatives. This is because the translation takes place locally on Firefox. This helps to protect the privacy of users. With this new feature, Firefox continues to make browsing the web easier and more accessible for everyone.


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