Fitbit Already Wants You to Setup a Pixel Watch

After the Pixel Watch is given a proper unveiling tomorrow by and then you run off to try and buy one, you’ll want to figure out which app to use to get setup. Thanks to the Fitbit app getting ahead of itself, it looks like we’ll not only use a dedicated “Google Pixel Watch app,” but you can initiate the setup process using the Fitbit app.

If you open the Fitbit app today and try to add a new device, the Pixel Watch is already listed as an available option. That makes sense, since we know this will be a smartwatch with fairly deep Fitbit integration. It’s just odd that the option for the Pixel Watch showed up this early.

The setup screens don’t tell us a lot, other than the fact that you can “set personal health & fitness goals and get insights with Fitbit,” using a Pixel Watch. The screens then show the Fitbit app, as well as the Pixel Watch keeping track of all of the Fitbit stuff you’d hope a Fitbit device could keep track of.

You may have noticed in the screenshot above that there is a button to “Go to Play” to get the Pixel Watch app. It does not yet work. We’ll keep trying it, though.

While I still worry about battery life on the Pixel Watch, being as slim as it is, the device is expected to have a solid health sensor, like you’d find in a Fitbit Charge device. It should track sleep, heart thangs, all of your activities, and more. It could be quite the experience with Fitbit integrated, topping all of the other smartwatches. Well, unless you think Health is good.

1 day to go.

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