Folding iPhone Could Have This Major Advantage Over the Competition

It is no secret that is working on a folding iPhone. Now, even though we do not have an official release date yet, we know Apple. It only goes forward with technology once it thinks that the tech is being delivered in Apple's way. That is one of the reasons why we did not get an iPad or iPhone fold yet.

So, among all the things that Apple has been researching about its upcoming folding iPhone, one thing popped out recently. The tech that the Cupertino giant has been working on can supposedly detect when it is being dropped. And once detected, it will immediately fold up the device, minimizing the damage.

Self-Retracting Display Tech for Folding iPhone

The newly revealed patent application goes by “Self-Retracting Display Device And Techniques For Protecting Screen Using Drop Detection.” As the name suggests, it aims to lower the vulnerability to damage for the upcoming folding iPhone. But how does Apple want the tech to work?

Folding iPhone detachable Screen

In the patent, Apple is different ways. For example, one proposition states that the folding iPhone can fold at a hinge. Another one suggests that the iPhone display can detach or fold in such a way that the impact damage is minimal. Apple can even merge the two and let the mechanism decide which is best.

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Folding iPhone protection mechanism

Apple plans to integrate a sensor to make this tech work for the foldable iPhone. It will detect when the device is in a free-falling state. Wondering how can we tell that the tech would be a fit for iPhone?

The proposal states that the tech would be a perfect fit for both folding iPhones and iPads. However, Apple does not know whether the detachable proposal would work for either of the two. If not, Apple says that the tech could just fold the display back, which will surely protect the fragile display from hitting the ground directly.


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