Former female Twitter executive complains about Elon Musk

According to the NY Times report, Esther Crawford, a female executive who slept on Twitter but was eventually fired, released a 14-minute video today. The video tells her story after Musk took over the company. At the same time, she expounded her views on Elon Musk in the video. In the video, she believes that Elon Musk lacks empathy in leadership and does things only by intuition. Esther Crawford is Twitter’s former product director and she now calls herself “sleeping in ex product @Twitter”

▲ Tweets posted by the source Esther Crawford on Elon Musk
▲ Tweets posted by the source Esther Crawford

Esther Crawford said that before Musk took over Twitter, Twitter was basically a “nursing home” and would hardly fire any staff. After Musk took over Twitter, he laid off more than half of the company staff in just a few months.

▲ Source video released by Esther Crawford
▲ Source video released by Esther Crawford

Esther Crawford believes that after Musk took over Twitter, she no longer has any sense of psychological safety in the company, and all staff may be fired for no reason. She also warns that Musk is “living in an echo chamber” surrounded only by “yeskers” who fawn over him. Ms Crawford claims that Musk will be “humbly-minded” to those who try to challenge him “with data or expertise.” She was “frustrated” by “accepting no change” and resorting to tactics to get these staff to leave.

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Esther Crawford aired her views about her time at Twitter

Esther Crawford also said

Musk is good at cultivating fanatic fans. These fanatic fans will unswervingly support everything Musk says, and Musk also gets enough confidence from these fanatic fans…“.

She adds

“It is difficult for people to understand Musk, and blindly praising Musk’s employees can easily lead to Musk’s sudden rage and quick dismissal of these ‘sycophants’. Share negative news with Musk.”

However, despite the plethora of criticism, the former executive praised certain aspects of Musk’s leadership, including his “extraordinary talent for solving difficult physics problems.” She said she learned a few things about being human from the billionaire, which she found “quite interesting”. She says

Musk is smart, has enough money to make a lot of mistakes, even if things go wrong, he doesn’t have to pay any serious consequences, he’s always right and has the say because of his rabid fans, he can hold down in the short term and can also send a few words at will to reverse the market situation.

▲ Source video released by Esther Crawford
▲ Source video released by Esther Crawford

Esther Crawford said she enjoyed her time without Musk. After her firing in February, she said it was the “best gift” she’d ever received. After checking Esther Crawford’s LinkedIn homepage, we found that after Esther Crawford was fired from Twitter in February this year. She also declared that she would “suspend work”, travel around the world, and put her love in the mountains and rivers.

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