Fortnite With Touch Controls Now Available to All GeForce NOW Users on Android

Back in January, NVIDIA launched a closed beta of Fortnite for users via GeForce NOW, and this week, full release is here and the waitlist has been removed. It’s time to drop in from the Battle Bus, folks.

According to NVIDIA, the beta had more than 500,000 participants streaming over 4 millions sessions. Thanks to all of their hard work, this full release of Fortnite features optimized on-screen touch controls, better game menus, as well as gameplay that “feels intuitive.”

And to celebrate, NVIDIA has gifts. Check it out.

As a thank you, all members who signed up for the beta will receive a free GeForce NOW three-day Priority membership. This also applies to paid members on Founders, Priority and RTX 3080 tiers who will receive three free days added to their respective membership (and to be clear, RTX 3080 members will get three days of RTX 3080).

Now go forth and smack some newbs.



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