From DoubleClick to AI: How Google is Shaping the Future of Digital Ads

Sean Downey, 's president of the Americas and worldwide partners, is not afraid of change. With two decades in the ads market, he has seen it all, from the dot-com boom to the digital privacy crackdown. As generative AI sweeps the industry, Google faces new problems in designing future ad technologies. Downey, meanwhile, keeps his cool. Many people think AI is changing what's around, and some fear Google might lose its market standing or alter how we search. But for Downey and Google, this is nothing new.

“We trained the marketplace on how to think about search, how to think about driving ROI, and how to build operations and growth on it,” Downey said. “AI is the same problem for us.”

It's the era of digital ads, and this is how Google copes with it.

Role of Sean Downey in digital ads

Downey joined Google in 2008, at a critical time in the company's history. The Internet was ushering in a new era of social media and online commerce, and tech was evolving to allow advertisers to reach a global audience. Throughout these changes, Google made strategic moves such as launching Google Chrome, monetizing YouTube, and acquiring DoubleClick, an online ads marketing company. Downey helped merge DoubleClick's ads with Google, making things simpler and creating new ad solutions for many clients.

Downey's strength has been his ability to listen and encourage people during Google's rise to dominance. He builds cohesive teams that innovate and manage the ever-changing ads market. His optimistic approach to challenges and unfinished business drives Google to market leadership.

Google digital Ads

Google encourages innovation in AI. Google unveiled its AI-powered digital ads at its annual I/O developer conference. It combines generative AI in search and retail ads. The Search Generative Experience (SGE) shows personalized and relevant ads for each user journey stage. At the same time, Google puts transparency on the top. So anyone can see which search results are ads and which are organic. For an average Google user, this might not be too important. But for the young users, who opened their eyes and saw Google, this is vital.

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“For example, if someone is searching for ‘outdoor activities to do in Maui,' and narrows the search further to ask about ‘activities for kids' and ‘surfing,' they may see a fully customized ad for a travel brand promoting surfing lessons for kids,” as per a recent blog post by Google talking about their new AI-driven digital ads.

Google will leverage generative AI

Google is reinventing its core product, search, using the latest AI techs. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, emphasizes the continued evolution of Search, adding AI to make the experience more natural and intuitive. With faster AI-generated snapshots, the SGE provides quick topic summaries and connections for deeper research. Ads play a vital role in this new search experience. Google is trying out various ad placements and formats using generative AI.

generative AI and Google

Alphabet's financial results remain strong as it puts AI on top. As a result, it has got growing digital ads results. No one can deny that Google works on AI-driven features and tools. In the end, they will allow the company to adapt and innovate in the dynamic digital ads industry.

Google continues to be at the forefront of the AI era, driving the future of digital advertising. With Ruth Porat as president and chief investment officer, Alphabet is poised to continue its leadership in AI-driven innovation.

The bottom line

Google's rise from a scrappy upstart to a digital ads giant shows how it can adapt to various market and business situations. Downey's vision and Google's dedication to AI-driven change have set the stage for future growth.

Sean Downey's expertise and Google's commitment to AI are driving the future of digital ads. By embracing change and pushing the boundaries of AI, Google is changing ads in a big way. Transparency remains key at Google, enabling effective interactions between advertisers and users. Google's journey inspires progress, blending AI and human ingenuity for exceptional ads.

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