Galaxy Note 10 Drops to Quarterly Update Schedule, Note 9 is Done

The Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, and Galaxy Note 10 devices will see less updates for the next year before they are likely retired. For the Galaxy Note 9 devices still in the wild, it’s time to find something new. Samsung updated their security updates schedule last night by moving the Note 10 series from the monthly schedule down to the quarterly and removing the Note 9 from software support.

This is an expected move, for those who aren’t familiar with how ’s updates work. While their newer phones, like the Galaxy S22, will see 5 years of security updates, older devices were only ever promised up to 4 years. The Galaxy Note 10 series was released in 2019, so it has already had a full 3 years of monthly security updates and will now roll into a quarterly update schedule.

Quarterly updates should take us into September of next year, when will stop supporting the Note 10 line. At that time, you shouldn’t be surprised the Galaxy Note 20 line drops to this same quarterly schedule that the Note 10 is entering.

The Galaxy Note 9 was moved to quarterly updates a year ago and is now finished. RIP, friend.

To check for the latest updates on the Galaxy Note 10, head into Settings>System updates>Check for updates. We just saw one a couple of weeks ago, so yeah, is actually still updating this old phone line.



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