Galaxy S23 Ultra Gets a First Update That’s Pretty Big

The Galaxy S23 family has been in the hands of many for the past week and it’s now time to start improving things. That’s not to say that anything was wrong with any of ’s new phones, but updates are already here to address any out-of-the-box bugs.

The first big Galaxy S23 Ultra update arrives as a 540MB file that comes close to 500MB on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+. While the changelog for each phone’s update is vague, the size of this tells the story of a noteworthy bug fixer. I mean, come on, that’s a big file that has to have something in it, right?

For builds, be on the lookout for variations of S911U1UEU1AWBE (S23), S916U1UEU1AWBE (S23+), or S918U1UEU1AWBE (S23 Ultra) for unlocked models. Verizon has also posted builds for their units and the versions are S911USQU1AWBD, S916USQU1AWBD, and S918USQU1AWBD.

’s list of changes suggests that they baked in “device stability improvements” and bug fixes, unnamed new features, and “further improvements to performance.” Verizon simply states that this update “provides performance improvements.” If anything, performance should be better on some level.

The updates keep each phone on the February security patch. Don’t be surprised if you see another with the March Android security patch within the next couple of weeks. This is and they are pretty quick with monthly updates.

To check for new updates on your Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’ll head into your phone’s settings, scroll down and tap “Software update,” and then “Download and install.” Once that last step is completed, your phone will check to see if an update is available. It should be.

Here’s the current best deal on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. And here’s our Galaxy S23 Ultra review for more on why it might be worth buying.


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