Galaxy Watch 4 Stops by the FCC (Updated)

With rumored launch date for the Galaxy Watch 4 now floating about, we’re looking for any signs to indicate they may be correct. Whether that’s through a retailer slipping up weeks early or the watch stopping through somewhere for certification, we’re keeping our eye on everything. Today, the Galaxy Watch 4 made its way to the FCC.

Two devices labeled as “smart wearable” arrived this morning under ’s FCC ID with the model numbers SM-R880 and SM-R885. For those following rumors of the Galaxy Watch 4, you should know that SM-R880 is thought to be the smaller 42mm model. SM-R885, on the other hand, is the LTE version of the same watch.

The FCC didn’t slip up and give us images of the watch or anything, but they did tell us one of the batteries is EB-BR880ABY, which weighs in at around 240mAh. They also told us the watch charges using EP-OR825. That’s the same wireless charger Samsung has used with other Galaxy Watch models.

We also know that the Galaxy Watch 4 sports WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC, as expected. The LTE model has bands that cover all of the major carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Galaxy Watch 4 LTE Bands

We looked for the bigger Galaxy Watch 4 model (46mm), but that listing has not gone live yet. That watch should carry model numbers of SM-R890 and SM-R895. The Galaxy Watch Active 4 is likely to launch alongside the regular Galaxy Watch 4 with model numbers SM-R860 and SM-R870. We think they could arrive as early as August 11.

  • UPDATE 6/15: At the end of yesterday, the rest of the watches showed up at the FCC too, including SM-R870, SM-R875, and SM-R890.
  • UPDATE 6/17: The whole crew has now made its way through the FCC, including SM-R860 (link), SM-R865 (link), and SM-R895 (link) today. As I mentioned above, these model numbers refer to the Galaxy Watch Active 4 in both Bluetooth (860) and LTE (865) variants, as well as the bigger Galaxy Watch 4 LTE (895)


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