Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 Lineups Getting Camera Controller Update

Software updates are now rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 lineups, containing the changes outlined last month. There’s fresh camera controls, allowing you to direct zoom levels on your phone’s camera directly from the watch, as well as body composition initiation direct from your phone.

Curious if you’re running the latest software? It’s easy to tell. The updated software versions are as follows. If you see these numbers and letters on your smartwatch, you have the latest update available.

Updated Software Builds

  • Watch 4:
    • R865USQU1GWA3 (40mm)
    • R875USQU1GWA3 (44mm)
  • Watch 4 Classic:
    • R885USQU1GWA3 (42mm)
    • R895USQU1GWA3 (46mm)
  • Watch 5:
    • R905USQU1AWA3 (40mm)
    • R915USQU1AWA3 (44mm)
  • Watch 5 Pro:
    • R925USQU1AWA3 (45mm)

Go snag it.

// Verizon


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