Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Could Be Battery Life King

We are expecting to unveil its latest smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, at this year’s Unpacked event in early August. While we await official details from Samsung, the internet is doing its thing and filling in a few of the gaps ahead of Unpacked. The latest information concerns the battery life of the Watch 5 Pro.

According to one of the most prominent leakers around, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be capable of going without a charge for at least 3 days. This news shouldn’t surprise too much, as it was previously reported all the way back in April that the Watch 5 Pro’s battery would be massive, coming in at 572mAh.

For a Wear OS watch that is actually being used and not idling all day, 3 days sounds incredible and very welcomed. Typically, my Wear OS devices need to go onto the charger every night before bed. We aren’t sure if this 3-day figure is with regular usage or some sort of battery saver mode, but because Unpacked is right around the corner, we’ll find out soon enough.

If you already know the Watch 5 Pro is your next wearable, I highly recommend reserving one on ’s website. Samsung provides plenty of pre-order credit to those that do.


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