Galaxy Z Flip5 announced: The Next Evolution of Foldable Phones

has launched its latest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip5, with two major upgrades that address the two biggest criticisms of the Z Flip4. The new Flex Hinge and Flex Window features make it possible for the phone to close flat and eliminate the large gap left when it's closed and the tiny cover display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: The Improved Foldable Phone with Flex Hinge and Flex Window Features

The new Flex Hinge is a significant improvement over the previous model, as it allows the phone to close flat. This also makes it thinner than its predecessor, with the thickest part of the new Flip measuring 15.1mm, down 2mm from the Z Flip4. When opened, the new Flip is 6.9mm thick, 165.1mm tall, and 71.9mm wide. Additionally, the new Flex Hinge design has a dual rail structure that helps dissipate external impacts, making it more durable than previous models.

The new Flex Window is 3.78 times larger than the display on the Z Flip4, allowing users to interact with widgets such as weather, music, and settings, as well as reply to incoming messages on a full QWERTY keyboard. The new feature also allows users to pull out the Samsung Wallet and access all payment services, QR codes, and coupons that they have stored there. The Multi Widget View allows users to quickly glance at widgets and switch between them using pinch zoom gestures.

The Flex Window also serves as a much better viewfinder, making it easier to take selfies with the rear cameras. The Dual Preview feature lets users photograph friends while giving them the option to check their looks on the cover display. The Super Steady stabilization can be used for handheld videos. And the Auto Framing feature will track users as they move around the room.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: The Next Evolution of Foldable Phones

The phone's main display is a 6.7” FHD+ panel with an adaptive refresh rate, while the Flex display has a 3.4” diagonal with a 720 x 748px resolution running at 60Hz. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset found in the S23 series. Paired with 8GB of RAM and a choice of 256GB and 512GB storage.

The camera setup remains unchanged from the previous year, with a 12MP main module and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. The 12MP main module has a 1/1.76” sensor with 1.8µm pixels with Dual Pixel AF, and the f/1.8 lens offers OIS. The 12MP ultra-wide camera has an f/2.2 123° lens with 1.12µm pixels. The phone also has a 10MP selfie camera on the inside, with an 85° lens (f/2.2, 1.22µm pixels).

The battery capacity of the Z Flip5 remains at 3,700mAh. It supports 25W wired charging (50% in around half an hour) and 15W wireless charging. The fingerprint reader is mounted on the side, and there is a card slot for a single nano-SIM. It combines with the eSIM to give users the option for two phone lines.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: Redefining the Foldable Phone Experience

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is available for pre-order, with open sales beginning on August 11. The phone is available in four colors: Mint, Lavender, Cream, and Graphite. With additional colors available only on, including Gray, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Users can also pick up a Clear Gadget Case, Flap Eco-Leather Case, Flipsuite Case, or a Silicone Case with Ring.

One significant improvement over previous models is that the Z Flip5 uses more recycled materials, including pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels, and PET bottles. The box is made out of 100% recycled paper, making it a more environmentally-friendly choice.

In terms of pricing, Samsung is skipping the cheapest model (128GB). But the 256GB and 512GB models are slightly cheaper than last year. In the UK, the 256GB variant will sell for £1,050, while the 512GB model will cost £1,150.

To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a significant improvement over its predecessor. The new Flex Hinge and Flex Window features addressing the two biggest criticisms of the Z Flip4. With a larger Flex Window that allows users to interact with widgets, better viewfinder for taking selfies with the rear cameras, and an improved Flex Hinge that makes the phone thinner and more durable, the Z Flip5 is a solid choice for those looking for a foldable phone.

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